Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Almost February Randomness

Tomorrow is the first day of February.  This year is flying by!  I stopped by my classroom today to make a few copies and prepare.  It is amazing what I can do in a very focused hour and a half.  One of my favorite things about starting a new month or a new unit is filling up my thematic bookshelf. In my room, I call it our triangle book shelf. Books are only on this shelf during the unit of study and then put away.  Having a shelf full of high interest books is a huge motivator for my students. Personally, I love when it looks all organized and pretty.  However, by 8:30 tomorrow morning, many books will be gone and those that are left will be askew.  My students this year have learned to love books and that is worth a disorganized shelf.  I am creating book monsters and that is okay! Check out a picture of the pretty shelf below.  The units of study coming up in my classroom include: Groundhog's Day, 100th Day, Valentine's Day, and Black History Month.  Teaching about Ruby Bridges is one of my favorites and I cannot wait for it this month.  Have a great week!


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