Wednesday, March 2, 2016

In Like a Lion

It is the second day of March and we have had TWO snow days this month.  It has kind of thrown a kink into my plans for March Is Reading Month.  However, we will still enjoy Camp Read-A-Lot, from the fabulous Lucky Little Learners, tomorrow.  It may not be Read Across America Day anymore, but we will pretend it is.  Then, on Friday, we will finally begin our March Madness Tournament of Books.  This idea is inspired by Catherine Reed of The Brown Bag Teacher. However, I altered it to fit the needs of my second grade classroom.  We will be reading 16 fabulous picture books, slowly narrowing down our options, until we have named one book CHAMP!


Here is our tournament board.  It is not as fabulous as I would of liked, but it gets the job done! Listed below are the books chosen.  So many great books!  I cannot wait to see what my students choose!  

How are you celebrating March Is Reading Month in your classroom?  Happy almost Friday all!  


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Math Games and Apps for Parents

Happy Sunday all!  February just might be the busiest month in the classroom.  Between Groundhog's Day, 100th Day, Valentines Day, and Black History Month, there are so many things to learn and celebrate!  Last week, we hosted a family math night at my school and I was the teacher representative for second grade.  Part of my job was to give parents easy examples of math games that they can play with their child.  I am linking the printable here, on the blog.  These games are by no means my own original idea, but I thought someone might be able to use the printable to send home to parents. The materials needed are basic and provide the children with an opportunity to practice math concepts.  Enjoy!


Math Games and Apps

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently February

Listening-Nurse Jackie is the show my husband and I are currently watching together on Netflix.  We recently finished Parenthood and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it already!  We were kind of late though on the Parenthood train, so y'all may have already watched!

Loving-My husband sent me a photo of my poor dog today hiding in a very messy closet.  During his shower the fire alarm went off and she hid.  Poor baby!

Thinking, Wanting, Needing-I live in Michigan.  It is February and we have no snow and only one snow day so far.  I am desperate for a day off!

Swooning-I got married this past summer.  My husband is the best and truly completes me.  I am truly blessed!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please check back as I plan to continue on this blog journey!


Monday, February 1, 2016

February Graph the Class

Happy Monday all!  I hope the first day of your week went well!  In room 32, we work so hard to start our week on the right foot.  We work all day on reading, math, and writing.  At the end of the day, it is time for a little more fun learning.  Today we talked about Groundhog's Day and what it means if Phil sees his shadow.  Then we used my Graph the Class, February Edition, found here, to graph our friends and get their predictions.  The kiddos had a blast being able to get up and moving. They also enjoyed trying to say Punxsutawney.  They were pretty darn cute! Check out the photos below and the link above if you are interested in the graph the class activities! The February edition is full of hearts and candy, along with some presidents and Phil.
Coloring Phil was the first step.

Drawing a shadow if that was your prediction was next.

Asking your friends for their predictions, as well as tallying their answers, came after that.

  Finally, coloring the graph was last!  

Such a hard worker!

I look forward to using more of the Graph the Class pack later this month.  Have a great week!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's Almost February Randomness

Tomorrow is the first day of February.  This year is flying by!  I stopped by my classroom today to make a few copies and prepare.  It is amazing what I can do in a very focused hour and a half.  One of my favorite things about starting a new month or a new unit is filling up my thematic bookshelf. In my room, I call it our triangle book shelf. Books are only on this shelf during the unit of study and then put away.  Having a shelf full of high interest books is a huge motivator for my students. Personally, I love when it looks all organized and pretty.  However, by 8:30 tomorrow morning, many books will be gone and those that are left will be askew.  My students this year have learned to love books and that is worth a disorganized shelf.  I am creating book monsters and that is okay! Check out a picture of the pretty shelf below.  The units of study coming up in my classroom include: Groundhog's Day, 100th Day, Valentine's Day, and Black History Month.  Teaching about Ruby Bridges is one of my favorites and I cannot wait for it this month.  Have a great week!