Monday, February 1, 2016

February Graph the Class

Happy Monday all!  I hope the first day of your week went well!  In room 32, we work so hard to start our week on the right foot.  We work all day on reading, math, and writing.  At the end of the day, it is time for a little more fun learning.  Today we talked about Groundhog's Day and what it means if Phil sees his shadow.  Then we used my Graph the Class, February Edition, found here, to graph our friends and get their predictions.  The kiddos had a blast being able to get up and moving. They also enjoyed trying to say Punxsutawney.  They were pretty darn cute! Check out the photos below and the link above if you are interested in the graph the class activities! The February edition is full of hearts and candy, along with some presidents and Phil.
Coloring Phil was the first step.

Drawing a shadow if that was your prediction was next.

Asking your friends for their predictions, as well as tallying their answers, came after that.

  Finally, coloring the graph was last!  

Such a hard worker!

I look forward to using more of the Graph the Class pack later this month.  Have a great week!


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