Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently February

Listening-Nurse Jackie is the show my husband and I are currently watching together on Netflix.  We recently finished Parenthood and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't watched it already!  We were kind of late though on the Parenthood train, so y'all may have already watched!

Loving-My husband sent me a photo of my poor dog today hiding in a very messy closet.  During his shower the fire alarm went off and she hid.  Poor baby!

Thinking, Wanting, Needing-I live in Michigan.  It is February and we have no snow and only one snow day so far.  I am desperate for a day off!

Swooning-I got married this past summer.  My husband is the best and truly completes me.  I am truly blessed!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please check back as I plan to continue on this blog journey!



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  2. Ashley, I too am in need of a snow day. We haven't had one yet! Just today I was outside for a brain break without a jacket on, which is practically unheard of this time of year in Maine! Here's hoping we both get our snow day!

    ~ Sarah
    One Modern Teacher

  3. Congratulations on your marriage. I also got married over the summer! It's been the greatest adventure! Last year I believe we had 10 snow days, this year we haven't had any! I know what you mean!

  4. Hi Ashley! Welcome to the blogging world! I read your whole blog today! I found your blog on Oh Boy...It's Farley today! I just recently started Parenthood too! I am only on Season 1 episode 5! I am liking it so far! Congrats on your recent wedding.